Courtroom Decorum

It should be common-sense on how to carry oneself in the courtroom. Serious business takes place in there, and at times could mean one’s livelihood at stake. So, why am I writing about courtroom decorum? Well, sit in a courtroom and you will notice firsthand the inexcusable conduct.


The best rule when it comes to courtroom decorum: Give the litigant (the one at the table in front of the judge) the same respect you want when you’re up there.


This means keep the talking to a minimum, or go outside the courtroom if you need to have a full conversation. Silence your phone to prevent it from ringing and disrupting a party, attorney or, worse, a judge. Sometimes if you have an attorney, they will want to speak to you. A few whispers won’t hurt, but when the conversation becomes negotiations, its best to take it outside.


Also, treat the bailiff, clerks and the parties with respect. This will go a long way as your case progresses. In conclusion, just be respectful of the courtroom process and remember that people’s livelihoods are at stake. It’s a highly stressful time, and the last thing the person needs is a loud-talking, disrespectful audience member.

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