Was your case closed by the immigration judge?

Some individuals have cases that have been before an immigration judge but the case was administratively closed and filed away to continue some other time. Many of these individuals may be facing new danger of having this case resurrected. Do you have a case which was administratively closed in the Immigration Court?  If so, status has allowed you to remain in the United States and obtain a work permit, but does not give you permanent legal status.  Your case is not final and you are technically still in deportation proceedings.

The status of “administrative closure” allows your case to be reopened at any time for any reason.  If your case is reopened, then the Judge would have to make a decision on any applications you have made.  In other words, your case returns to the Court as a pending case in the same status as it was before the Immigration Judge granted “administrative closure.”  You would not be automatically deported.  You can update old applications,  and in some cases you may qualify to make new applications that would grant you legal permanent resident status.

Recently, Immigration & Customs Enforcement has announced that it will ask the Immigration Court to reopen certain case, especially those in which the person has a record of being arrested or convicted in criminal court.  New laws in California may make it possible for you to return to the criminal court and request that any conviction you have be completely vacated.  Attorney Barbara K. Strickland has been successful in helping clients remove the immigration consequences of criminal cases.


Do not wait for your case to be reopened.  Please contact this office immediately if you have any criminal record from before or after your case was closed in Immigration Court to make an appointment to review your case.  Call us now at (619) 773-7333

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